Clothes Talk

All clothes talk!!! Clothing is an essential part of every one’s day and for many many years have done it’s fair share of dictating and delegating.  Clothes tell you a lot about the person in them be it the garment themselves or maybe how they are worn or presented.  For example; the secret service doesn’t wear red or yellow because they are very telling colors, not so secret, while black is full of mystique and depth.  Black is often the signature of many things that are secret or endless from a black hole to the black market, or from the presidential motorcade, to simply wearing black to appear thinner.  All clothes talk no matter what color they are.  Some pregnant women go for loose,  baggy, purely comfortable clothing, while others will ante up the change factor and add tougher life changes, just to keep a fashion touch to their wardrobe and daily dress through the pregnancy.  Although that statement cannot possibly encompass all expecting mothers, it speaks to an emotional state and how she feels about “appearance” while pregnant.

Think to yourself for a second and choose any person you want.  Then choose one complete outfit for them.  Then dress them in it several different ways.  Shirt tucked in (neat person), tucked only in front (trendy person).  Jeans baggy (one story), jeans more conventional fit (another story).  Jeans at all is an indication alone, while some prefer slacks.  It’s however you dress your imaginary person earlier… LOL.  You get the point.  But what about when your clothes really do say something on it?  I happen to think it can be clever, relevant, edgy, and still have a fashion appeal and make fashion sense.  It’s certainly not about judgement or criticism of a person solely based on appearance.  However, in real life we all are judgemental and critical of appearance as well.  We are recipients of it.  May the chuch say amen

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